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Checks & Supplies

What is the California Compliance Law?
California state law requires an address on the vouchers of all payroll checks. If you intend to use these checks for payroll in California, then you must enter your address as line 2 on your voucher.
Do you offer color imprints on your checks?
Yes, however we currently only offer 1 color black imprints through our website. If you wish to add color to your logo please contact us at or call us at 1-888-222-4202 for a custom color quote.
Which of your high security checks is the most secure?
ImageSECURE is considered the most secure check in the world. The check carries 21 security features and dramatically reduces fraud liability and provides full compliance with “Check 21” requirements. To learn more about our imageSECURE checks visit our about checks page.
Do you offer any additional check color options?
If you are looking for additional check color stock options please contact our sales department at or call us at 1-888-222-4202.
Why can’t I order your ImageSecure and AlphaCheck as blank check stock?
ImageSecure and AlphaCheck checks are printed on a tightly controlled high security paper. To maintain the high level of security features of this paper we do not offer it as blank check stock. This control further ensures the security of the paper and protects our customers from fraud.
I’m not sure which level of security features my business needs.
All of our checks are ANSI and Check21 compliant which means that you can prove you did your due diligence to protect yourself against fraudulent crimes. If security is a bigger concern we strongly recommend one of our ImageSECURE or ALPHAcheck which contain the most advanced security features available.
Are your checks compatible with my accounting software?
We proudly guarantee that your checks will be 100% compatible with your accounting software. If you have an accounting software not listed on our products page please contact our sales department. We will need you to either fax or scan a check of the account for which you are purchasing checks.
Do I need imprinted or blank check stock for my business?
If you are purchasing checks for your business and you do not print them from blank check stock then you would want to order imprinted checks. This is the case for the majority of businesses.
What does “Reverse Collated” Mean?
Reverse collation means your highest number checks will be on top. Normal collation means your checks will start with the lowest number on top.
Can you print my company logo on my checks?
Yes, we can! We do not charge a logo fee or a set up fee—your logo placement is free. You can send the artwork as a black and white copy, in a TIF, or a BMP file extension. Please remember that color images and images pulled from the internet may not reproduce well.
Can you incorporate my company colors into my checks?
For a custom quote to produce your logo in color, please contact us at


Can I just send you a scanned copy of my logo?
Scanned images do not provide a sufficient resolution for printing. We require that all logos are sent as a high resolution (600 dpi or higher) image in one of the following file formats: EPS, TIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, PSD or GIF.
What kind of logo file formats do you accept for printing?
We accept many different formats including EPS, TIF, JPG, PSD, BMP, PNG and GIF. A minimum resolution of 600 dpi is recommended for the best results. We do not recommend using low resolution images from websites, MS programs, or scanned images as these will not provide sufficient resolutions for printing.
What are the art requirements for my logo?
The best format to send your logo is with a minimum resolution of 600 dpi and a minimum height / width of 600 pixels. The size of the logo should be at least one inch high so that image quality is not lost when scaling your logo to fit on your product. Using a lower resolution will result in a poor quality print of your logo.

Your logo should be submitted in black and white for the highest print quality. Color or grayscale logos may not print correctly and can yield poor print quality.

Shipping & Processing

How quickly will I receive my order?
All of our checks are shipped within 72 hours of the order being placed and will arrive accordingly to your location from our printing facilities in Bakersfield, CA.

Estimated UPS Ground transit times are illustrated on our Transit Times page.
What shipping options do you use?
We currently offer a variety of shipping options through UPS and USPS for your convenience. Please select your preferred shipping method at checkout.
I need my checks ASAP, can you rush my order?
Yes! Please make sure you choose the “Rush” option at checkout. We will work hard to get your order out in less than 24 hours.

At checkout, you can also choose from a variety of shipping methods to further expedite your order.